Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory.

Just a little sneak peek of a new place we are working on for all of our Homestuck pals on Secondlife!

Hey, nice place! I was glad to find a homestuck themed place, usually hang around there as eridan, but it always seems empty? Also, what other Homestuck places are there?

Hi there, as far asĀ  know, we’re the only Homestuck place in Second life. There used to be a couple of other places like .exe and outer ring, but sadly they have long closed.

Most of us do live on the sim, and do hop into Fraf when people drop in. But most of us do work Real life jobs, and aren’t around all the time. But we do try to hold events we can and music days. If we see you, we’ll drop in.

Tinkerbull is sad because he doesn’t have any friends to play with in secondlife…. :(
This Savvy Sailor and Queen Spider8itch are popin tags to Thrift Shop over in FRAF.
The Makaras all gathered together at FRAF
A Theme A Theme